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Capitaland is a commercial and residential real estate, investment and project managing syndication company in the region.We bring in East Africa the very new ideas in crowd funding, real estate investment and financial services currently available in the market across the globe today.

Capitaland provides a platform where you can invest from a reasonable amount in a real estate project of your choice and share the profits from the project with the landowner depending on how much you have invested. The developer or landowner seeking financing will list their proposed project on our website including the funding required, the projected returns and interested investors can start investing upon the project going live on our website. When a project is fully funded, it will be listed as such and the syndication of funds closed.

The funds shall be held in trust by an independent custodian and for safekeeping of any title documents to properties invested in. This has been set up this way to separate any risk factors associated with Capitaland as a business from the investor’s funds, thus us having separate own bank accounts. When a property is sold, the proceeds are paid back to the custodial account and then distributed pro-rata to the investors together with their capital gains. Capitaland being the responsible entity acts as a bare trustee, carrying out due diligence on the properties proposed to be invested in and earns syndication fees from the investors and developers.

Contract Management

Common commercial contracts include employment letters, sales invoices, purchase orders, and utility contracts.

Spend Analysis

Visibility, analysis and process by leveraging all three, companies can generate answers to the crucial questions affecting their spending.

Strategic sourcing

Strategic planning, supplier development, contract negotiation, supply chain infrastructure, and outsourcing models.


The e-procurement value chain consists of indent management, e-Informing, e-Tendering, e-Auctioning and vendor management.

✔ Invest in real estate for a reasonable amount.
✔ Support projects you admire.
✔ Select investment ready projects.
✔ Invest in real and tangible assets.
✔ Ability to spread your investments.
✔ Investments secured by the property that you have invested in.

✔ Connect to thousands of investors.
✔ Access the finance you need, fast, seamless end-to-end funding       process.
✔ Benefit from investor expertise.
✔ No upfront costs.
✔ No risk associated with charging your property.

It is our mission to completely revolutionize and bring it to the digital age. Capitaland will be Kenya’s first online real estate syndication marketplace where developers can deal directly with investors. There are no middlemen, no banks and no fuss, just a quick, secure and easy to use system allowing everyone to get the best real estate investment deal possible.

Capitaland is backed by several private investors who share the vision of changing the East African real estate development and financing system. We’re all dedicated to changing the Kenyan real estate financing market, providing all investment-worthy clients with the ability to obtain financing and, ultimately helping rebuild the Kenyan economy and increase the supply of houses which is still way below the demand due to Kenya’s increasing population.